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Camp Minnie-Mickey is the last spoke off the Discovery Island hub. This is the home to Festival of the Lion King. It's a superb show. It is. There is also a Pocahontas show staged here. How good is it? Let's just say that it was originally called Grandmother Willow's Grove, okay? But how many people enter Camp Minnie-Mickey only to find that they are either too early or too late for the shows or simply not interested in character greeting stations? Camp Crystal Lake has more life than this Camp.

Yes, some will tell you that there was a master plan of attaching Beastly Kingdom here. Mythological creatures were clearly part of the plan as dragons adorn the original logo and are still etched all over the park's entrance. Beastly Kingdom would have added thrills, family diversions and given Camp Minnie-Mickey some balance with perpetually loading attractions. Five years later the necessary expansion has yet to materialize. Naturally, the record crowds and extended operating hours have failed to materialize as well.

That tree, ye of pastel foliage at a distance but of stunning art at close range, houses the 3D film It's Tough to be a Bug. As a collection of cute gags, clever parlor tricks and one of the best closing credit zingers in parkdom it works. But in a park crying for family attractions you will never witness a show where less than a half-dozen kids freak out and have to be ushered out of the theater by a frantic parent. The warnings are made but this is a park with so little to offer in terms of enclosed rides and attractions that young families rough it out anyway and are often sent scrambling out to pay the price.

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