Mouse Trapped


Mouse Trapped

Welcome to Mouse Trapped, a living, breathing, and kicking guide to Disney World in Florida from a highly jaded perspective. My reviews of the Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Disney-MGM, and Animal Kingdom won't all be loaded with pointless venom. There is a constructive criticism center at the heart of all of the shots. But we won't sugarcoat things here. We will look at the shortcomings of all four Florida theme parks, the Disney hotels and the many other resort offerings.

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Even though all of these pages may be one day compiled into an actual book -- or at the very least an ebook -- for now it's here and completely free. Each park page will walk you through the various parts of that particular chapter. Only the Animal Kingdom chapter is ready but the others are coming.

So get going. A cynic's perspective can't wait all day, you know.



Mouse Trapped:


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